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Your FMO for Health, Life and Supplemental Insurance. Pandora Insurance welcomes new agents and agencies to contract with us! Go through our easy onboarding process to sell Health, Life and Supplemental insurance in Florida and multiple states.

Sell individual plans under 65 (Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare), Medicare, Dental, Vision, Hearing, Hospital Indemnity, Life with Living Benefits and more.

Pandora Insurance helping agencies become more successful !!!

Elite Teams

Top Commissions

Growth Opportunities

Enjoy These Benefits when contracted with us!

  • FREE Pre-License courses for our contracted agents 2-15, 2-40, 2-14
  • Industry Leading Carrier Contracting
  • Federal Marketplace Certification for Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • MEDICARE AHIP annual certification discount
  • Knowledge-based and practical training
  • Partnership with proven sales professionals in the Medicare industry
  • Medicare Off -the-shelf marketing material, custom layouts
  • Carriers include: ACA (Obamacare), Medicare, Life and Supplemental
  • Commission and Bonus Reporting
  • Bilingual Support

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity! 

Agents | Pandora Insurance

Health Insurance Individual Market under 65 ACA

  •          ACA (Affordable Care Act) also known as Obamacare 
  •          Appointments with Industry Leading ACA carriers
  •          Top commission, bonus and Incentives for independent agents
  •     Commission and Bonus Reporting
  •          Agents / Agency appointment contract 
  •          Direct Deposits, prompt and accurate payments
  •          ACA annual certification training 
  •          Florida and non-resident states appointment opportunities 
  •          Direct Access to Carriers’ portal 
  •          Free Quote and Enrollment portal 
  •        And more! 


  •   We have everything to get you started selling Medicare
  •   Build & Grow Your Business with Medicare Advantage Plans
  •   Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drugs Plans 
  •   Medigap insurance 
  •   Appointments available for Major Medicare Advantage Carriers 
  •   AHIP annual certification discount ($50) 
  •   Medicare Quote and enrollment portal (minimum 2 carriers) 
  •   Sales and Personalized Practical Training
  •   Top Tier Commissions, Business-Building Leads
  •   Medicare population is projected to increase from 54 million beneficiaries to over 80 million beneficiaries by 2030*
Medicare contracts | Pandora Insurance
Life Insurance | Pandora Insurance

 Life Insurance

  •   National Life (leader in Living Benefits) 
  •   Agents / Agency appointment contract 
  •   Sales and Practical training
  •   Ready to use marketing material for Life and living benefits
  •   Custom Website & Marketing platform available
  •   Top Commission, bonus and incentives
  •   Term, Permanent Life Insurance with Living Benefits
  •   Learn how to help consumers supplement their retirement
  •   Annuities, 401K rollover, Life insurance Premium Finance
  •  and more!

Supplemental Insurance contracts available

  •     Cigna Supplemental 
  •     National General an ALLSTATE company
  •     Agents / Agency appointment contract 
  •     Dental, Vision Hearing (DHV)
  •     Cancer, Accident, Hospital Indemnity
  •     Short-Term and Tri-Term Individual Insurance
  •     Top commission, bonus and Incentives 
  •          Florida and non-resident states appointment opportunities 
  •          Direct Access to Carriers’ portal 
  •        And more!  

Dental Insurance - Pandora Insurance

These are some of the Health Carriers that we work with:

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