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Enjoy These Agent Benefits with Pandora…

  • Agency contracts available
  • Partnership with proven sales professionals in the Medicare industry
  • Off -the-shelf marketing material, co-op dollars, custom layouts
  • Prompt and accurate payments
  • Real-time online sales and commission status

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Health Insurance for Individual Market under 65 years old 

  •          ACA (Affordable Care Act) also known as Obamacare 
  •          Appointments with all active ACA carriers for 2020 & upcoming 2021 
  •          Up to 100% commission for independent agents 
  •          Agency appointment contract 
  •          Direct Deposits 
  •          In house application processing (small fee per member per month applies, if used) 
  •          ACA annual certification training 
  •          Florida and non-resident states appointment opportunities 
  •          Direct Access to Carriers’ portal 
  •          Free Quote and Enrollment portal 
  •          Industry’s best agent CRM with complete Client Data and Activity Tracking & Reporting 
  •          CRM can receive, organize and store all leads electronically 
  •          And more! 


  •       Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drugs Plans 
  • Medigap insurance 
  • Appointment available for Major Medicare Advantage Carriers 
  • AHIP annual certification discount ($50) 
  • Medicare Quote and enrollment portal (minimum appointment 2 carriers required) 

Short-Term and Tri-Term Individual Insurance 

Group Benefits for Small Groups

These are Some of the Brands That we work with:

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