Spring & Summer Insurance Trends

House Flood

With the warming weather comes new insurance trends and considerations for individuals and businesses. It is important to stay on top of these trends to better help your clients navigate the changing landscape. Here are some Spring & Summer Trends to keep in mind.

These seasons often bring heavy rainfall, which can lead to flooding. Remind your clients that standard homeowners and renters insurance policies typically do not cover flood damage. Encourage them to consider purchasing flood insurance to protect their homes and personal belongings.

This is a popular time for home renovations, such as adding a new room, upgrading the kitchen or bathroom, or installing a new roof. Reach out to your clients and ask them to review their policies and see if they have adequate coverage.

With warmer weather, people are more likely to engage in outdoor activities: biking, hiking, water sports, you name it. Ensure your clients are aware of their liability coverage in case of an accident.

This is a popular time for college students and families to travel. We are in post-graduation times, which brings on first-time home buyers, renters, and updated car insurance. Come up with a comprehensive marketing plan to people entering the workforce. Make sure it is simple to understand and positions you as a trusted advisor.

Spring is also tax season, which means many individuals and businesses are reviewing their finances. Encourage clients to review their policies, and be sure to leave plenty of business cards and drop-letters at your local Tax Collector’s Office!


By focusing on the five Spring & Summer Trends above, you can offer your clients the coverage and guidance they need during this exciting and sometimes unpredictable time of year.

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